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Find Financial Freedom

Create a life of freedom, purpose & impact

No, we're not talking about billions of dollars. We’re talking about something beyond that. 


We’re talking about the billions of happy, meaningful moments we can capture as we access financial freedom, liberate our time, and clarify our purpose. We believe these are the “billions” you should be chasing.

Your Billions

Catch Your "Billions"

Find Financial Freedom

Life isn’t about the amount of money we have. It’s about capturing those “billions.”  But, let’s not pretend that our finances don’t affect how we live. 


Sure, we all have unique backgrounds, stories, and situations, but one trait unites us all:  We all work very hard for our money.  And if we’re honest with ourselves, we could all probably use a little more cash so that we can slow down, spend more time with those we love, and live life on our own terms.  


That’s why we want to grow our wealth—and why we offer top-notch investments through multifamily real estate opportunities. 



Live Your Purpose

What do we really want from life? 

How do we obtain it?


These are two of the most important questions we could ever ask. 


If we want to capture more of those “billions,” we need to get clear about what our “billions” actually are and how we can chase them.  Otherwise, we will end up spending our resources (time, energy, and money) in the wrong places.  


Living with clarity, intention, and purpose isn’t easy.  That’s why we support passionate creators through education, connection, and community. 


Make an Impact

Many of us dream of creating something bigger and better than ourselves. 


The truth is that we have an opportunity to make a major imprint on the world right now as we chase our “billions.”


There's nothing cliché about giving back and serving others--and there's nothing "ordinary" about wanting to do so on a broader scale.


For those who have the resources (whether financial or otherwise), we encourage you to connect with us to build something extraordinary for today, tomorrow, and beyond.


Join Our Community

We've created a group for individuals who want to work in community as they create lives of FREEDOM, PURPOSE and IMPACT. If you would like to gain access to exclusive Financial Freedom Education as you create the life you love with others who want the same, join us in our private group! (It's 100% Free).

Join Our Community

Financial Freedom Programs

LIVE-Action Mastermind Course



The Beyond mastermind course is designed for those who want to build and implement powerful (and profitable!) mastermind groups in their life and/or business.

With LIVE online group training, you will join a group of other like-minded creators as, together, you learn how to form, fill, and facilitate your own mastermind.


"Breakout" is 12 week mini-mastermind that will focus on casting a long-term vision for the future, setting 1-year goals 2019, and creating a 90-day action plan to help you end the year strong and ensure next year is your best year yet.

Join a group of other like-minded servants as together, through accountability, diverse perspectives, and shared value, you will find the clarity and support you need to “break out” of your rut as you start to chase your billions.


90-Day Mastermind

Financial Freedom Programs
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