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Multifamily Real Estate

Grow Your Wealth with Multifamily Investing

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Your Billions

No, we’re not talking billions of dollars. Money is important, but we’re talking about something beyond that.


We’re talking about the billions of meaningful life moments we can capture as we access financial freedom, liberate our time, clarify our purpose, and make an impact on the world around us as we grow our wealth.


We believe these are the true “billions” we should all be chasing.

RE Investments

We accomplish our mission through targeted acquisitions of multifamily real estate. Simply put, we gather investors, pool their money together, and purchase apartment buildings that have upside opportunity. 


We then work to reposition them by improving their performance, and seek to sell them at a profit, providing investors with large, stable returns.


If you would like to discuss partnering with us on our next acquisition, please contact us.

Why Multifamily Real Estate?


Freedom from the Stock Market

History has shown that the stock market can behave like the wild west, with volatility and unstable returns.


If your money, (retirement or otherwise), is currently connected to the stock market, we can liberate it. 

We work with a company that unlocks investors’ current IRA or 401k and transfers them into Self-Directed IRAs to purchase alternative assets like real estate. 

Lower Risk,

Impressive Returns

Multifamily real estate offers a stability that cannot be found in other investments.


Even during stock market cycle downturns, multifamily real estate performs very well.  Solid business plans and skilled execution make multifamily investments one of the best wealth-building assets on the planet. 

Very few vehicles out there will provide progressive, annual returns for the life of the investment. 

A Conservative, Calculated Plan

In order to ensure excellent investor returns, we focus on finding the right value-add opportunities that provide significant upside in growing markets throughout the United States.


We view ourselves as stewards who are building others’ wealth and helping them capture their “billions.”  You can be sure that we will never engage a project that jeopardizes this overarching mission. 

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Sample Investment Package

To see the type of deal that we pursue for our investors, download our Sample Investment Package. This document outlines the ideal property and type of returns we covet, and showcases a few key members of our real estate investment team.

How Does Multifamily Investing Make You Money?


We purchase properties with “upside” opportunities... apartments that aren’t being managed well, maintenance has been deferred, or rents are below market. Improving a property's performance greatly improves their value. Within 3 to 5 years we sell them at a profit, and the money made from the “flip” (selling) of the property is split among investors.

1. Property Appreciation


Once we improve the property's performance, the asset can provide "cash flow." After all the property’s expenses are paid, the rest of the income now generated from the property belongs to the investors. Investors don’t have to “do” anything to earn this money.  It comes “passively” from the execution of the business plan.

2. Passive Cash Flow


Our tax code rewards those who own apartment buildings.  Because multifamily apartments are classified as businesses that operate with their own balance sheets, investors get to enjoy the tax benefits that come with being the owners of these buildings. Investors can legally write off operating expenses, interest payments, and depreciation costs that (claim losses) on their tax returns while still receiving positive cash flow from the asset every year, thereby keeping more money in their pockets!

3. Unparalleled Tax Benefits


Our Investment Strategy


Our investment begins long before yours does.


In order to ensure that we maximize both the value of the property AND your investment, we begin with a well thought-out plan and strategic process designed bring us the returns we require for each investment.

Our investment model is to invest in Class B and C assets in progressive markets throughout the United States.

Before we move forward with any acquisition, we analyze key market factors including:

  • Population growth

  • Population age

  • Employment growth

  • Labor force demand

  • Job diversity

  • Rental market growth

  • Investment & construction demand

1. Market Assessment 
2. Property Analysis
3. Due Diligence & Negotiation
4. Acquisition
5. Value-add Rehab & Reposition
6. Asset Management
7. Sale of the Asset
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Sample Investment Package

To see the type of deal that we pursue for our investors, download our Sample Investment Package. This document outlines the ideal property and type of returns we covet, and showcases a few key members of our real estate investment team.

Our Team

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John-Thomas Roseberry is the co-founder of Breakthrough to Billions and the owner of marketing and web design firm Roseberry Creative (https:// roseberrycreative.com). Already experienced in single-family real estate investments, Roseberry is passionate about building legacy wealth through multi-family real estate investments.

Founder & Managing Partner

John-Thomas Roseberry

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Christopher Leo is the other co-founder of Breakthrough to Billions and the owner of Flash Three Consultants (http://flashthree.com). A former English teacher at his alma mater (Parma Senior High, located just outside Cleveland, Ohio), Leo is zealous about financial education, and he leverages his unique business experience to help others grow in the multi- family real estate investment space.

Founder & Managing Partner

Christopher Leo

Our Preferred Real Estate Agent

Jeffrey McManamon is a licensed real estate agent associated with Keller Williams of Greater Cleveland. He ranks in the top 1% of sales in Northeast Ohio and excels at negotiating deals that benefit all parties involved. He serves on the KW leadership council and is a mentor to agents both young and old.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Jeffery McManamon

Our Preferred IRA Custodian

Joseph Eplite is an IRA specialist at NuView Trust where he assists investors with unlocking their current IRA or 401k funds from the stock market by transferring into a Self-Directed IRA to purchase alternative assets like real estate.

Contact Eplite directly to get started:

Phone: 407-519-9175. 

Email: jeplite@nuviewira.com

IRA Specialist, NuView Trust

Joseph Eplite


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